Matagamasi Lake

Wolf Lake Quest

Chiniguchi River, Temagami

July 10 - 12, 2014

Wolf Lake, Chiniguchi River, Temagami, Ontario

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Wolf Lake Quest

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Day 3 - Wolf Lake to Matagamasi Lake


I got up about 8:15am today. The mosquitos were a bit more annoying so I started the fire to boil the water for the coffee. Other than the coffee, we had a cold breakfast today of Oatmeal to Go and Nutrigrain bars. Packed up and ready to head home from Wolf Lake


The good news is that I finally found the spare camera batteries in the canoe pack last night. Not in my day pack (where they should have been), not in the tent, and not in the barrel. No, they were in the one place I hadn't looked - of course. Anyway, at least now I can take lots of pictures again. :-)


For the third day in a row, the wind is from the south but so far it has been more of a bug deterrent (good) than a canoe deterrent. Hopefully it will stay that way. Heading down Paddle Snapping Swift on the Chiniguchi River between Wolf Lake and Silvester Lake


It didn't take more than half an hour to paddle down Wolf Lake and gird ourselves to run the 'Paddle Snapping' swift down to Silvester Lake. This is the spot where Scott snapped the paddle on the way up. Going downstream was accomplished without any excitement which was good since we didn't have any more spare paddles.

Abandoned Trapper's cabin on Silvester Lake

On our way down Silvester Lake, we coasted by the abandoned Trapper's cabin along the west shore. I love finding these reminders that areas we think of as wilderness today have been someone's home for far longer than they have been recreational canoe routes.


By 11:30am we were at the south end of Silvester Lake and passing through the channel into the short unnamed pond just before the portage. There is enough current through the short channel that I don't think the Chiniguchi River flowing out of Silvester Lakepond can be considered part of Silvester Lake. Five minutes later we were across the pond and at the portage.


It didn't take us more than half an hour to double carry the portage but I also spent a good half hour taking pictures. On the other hand it seems to have taken us closer to 40 minutes to line the canoe down the lower stretch and it was about 1:30pm by the time we were out on to Falls on the Chiniguchi River along the Toenail PortageMatagamasi Lake. We took time out for lunch before starting the paddle south down Matagamasi Lake. So far that south wind has been continuing its role of bug deterrent. With a little more luck it will stay that way.


We fished our way along and Scott and I caught a Smallmouth 25" Lake Trout from Matagamasi LakeBass each, but nothing special. That said, I do have to admit that a canoe trip just doesn't feel right if I'm not fishing.


Now Wolf Lake is a beautiful spot, but the highlight of this trip came just after 4pm when Scott caught a 25" Lake Trout on a perch pattern Rapala X-Rap in 98' of water. I have no idea what a Lake Trout was thinking hitting a lure that runs 4' deep at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but I do know that Scott just Truck loaded up and heading homeextended his family record for the longest laker by 3" giving him a 4" lead over my largest ever Lake Trout (which also happened to be my first lake trout).


By 5:30pm we had the truck loaded up and were ready to head back towards North Bay




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