Matagamasi Lake

Wolf Lake Quest

Chiniguchi River, Temagami

July 10 - 12, 2014

Wolf Lake, Chiniguchi River, Temagami, Ontario

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Wolf Lake Quest

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Day 2 - Wolf Lake to Dewdney Lake


Wolf Lake, OntarioI was up just after 8am which is incredibly early for me on the 2nd day of a trip. The fact that we didn't have to get up at 5:30am yesterday to start the drive probably helped but I blame most of it on caffeine dependency.


Since Scott has to be back at Kiosk by 5pm on Sunday, we decided to play it safe and just camp here on Wolf Lake for a couple of nights rather than trying to make a loop out of it. We will head out on Saturday and find somewhere else to camp Saturday night - maybe even back at Kiosk.


Morning Campfire on Wolf LakeAnyway, as a result there is no rush to get goin this morning so I got the fire going, made some coffee and sat enjoying the peace and quiet of a beautiful sunny morning. Eventually I cooked up some oatmeal chocolate chip muffin mix while Scott continued to exercise his teenage power of sleep until after 11am. The plan for the afternoon is to climb the ridge behind us to get a look around and then later in the day we may paddle up to Dewdney Lake to explore a bit.


CanoeBad news - I can't find the extra batteries for the cameras. The good news is that all 3 have some life left in them, but it looks like the spare batteries got left in the truck so I'll be rationing the pictures from here on in.


It only took us 10-15 minutes to get to the top of the ridge for a clear look out over the lake. If you head back past the thunderbox you should find the most commonly used path but you will still have to do a bit of climbing. Looking down on Wolf LakeThe view is definitely worth it and once again I'm reminded to take even just a little time to explore away from the lakes.


After that it was across Wolf Lake to find the portage to Dewdney. This portage runs river left of where the Chiniguchi River cascades down into Wolf Lake from Dewdney Lake. The portage quickly crosses a logging road, fakes you out with a nice little pool and then continues Chiniguchi River flowing into Wolf Lakealong the river for another 100m or so before getting to Dewdney Lake.


Dewdney Lake starts out in a narrow little bay before meandering out into the bay. We passed a group of six canoes or so heading south and they were the last folks we saw until we were back at the portage again. About halfway up the lake you need to zag through a fairly narrow channel around a headland jutting out from the west shore.

Abandonned Fire Ranger cabin on Dewdney Lake

Once you are through there you will probably be able to see the remains of the dock in front of the abandoned fire ranger cabin. The front porch of the cabin has collapsed but other than that, at least from the water, it looks to be fairly intact.


We continued on up to the far end of the lake and took a few pictures of the next waterfall before stretching our legs and Chiniguchi River flowing into Dewdney Lakeheading back to camp.


We were eating supper by quarter to 7 and cleaned up by 7:30pm.


It is getting overcast so we tied out the guylines on the tent and rigged a rock to hold the front of the fly out. Then since there Evening campfire on Wolf Lakeisn't any fishing to be done we just relaxed around the fire which wasn't quite as smoky now that the wind has (temporarily) died down a bit.



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