Matagamasi Lake

Wolf Lake Quest

Chiniguchi River, Temagami

July 10 - 12, 2014

Wolf Lake, Chiniguchi River, Temagami, Ontario

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Wolf Lake Quest

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Day 1 - Matagamasi Lake to Wolf Lake


Kukagami Lake Road  Turn OffWe left the North Bay Tim Hortons around 9:20am. It would have been earlier but we had to wait for Canadian Tire to open up so we could get a PFD. I had told Scott to make sure he brought his canoe pack, but I hadn't been explicit about bringing his paddle and PFD with him too. I had an extra paddle with me but no extra PFD.


From North Bay, we headed west on Highway 17 towards Sudbury looking for Kukagami Lake Road. The intersection is about 94km west from the intersection of Hwy 17 & Hwy 11 in North Bay. We got to the turn off in just over an hour.

Matagamasi Lake Road

After turning off the highway onto Kukagami Lake Road, it was another 40 minutes to the put in on Matagamasi Lake. As I mentioned earlier, the roads are well signed but there is no specific sign for the put in. There is a decent natural gravel boat launch with cars and trucks parked at the side of the road. There is no parking lot, but do make sure you park off the road as there are residential properties on both sides of the boat launch.


Put In on Matagamasi LakeThere were lots of mosquitos as we were loading up the canoe but they stayed mostly in the shade. Once we were moving on the water the bugs weren't an issue. As usual it took us about an hour to get loaded up. That always seems too long but it has been pretty consistent over the years.


The paddle up Matagamasi Lake was quite peaceful. After leaving the putin we only saw one boat out fishing the whole time. We stopped for lunch at the last campsite on the western shore of Matagamasi Lake and made it Lunch Stopup to the north end of the lake by 2:40pm. Once we got to the Chiniguchi River, we waded up the first narrow section rather than taking the first portage. It is a very pretty section of river but I'm not sure that it is worth wading instead of portaging.


A YWCA group caught up to us at the "Toenail" portage. This portage is a fair climb and isn't one that you can skip by wading. The Ottertooth map kind of looks like the portage is on river right (mostly because the river curves and the portage follows the river) but the portage actually runs along river left. The portage is narrow in spots but generally is in fairly good shape. Fishing near the start of the Toenail Portage


I had printed out the Zone 10 fishing regs before I left which was a good thing because Silvester, Wolf and Dewdney lakes are fish sanctuaries, closed year round so it was time to put away the fishing rods. We might technically have still been on the Chiniguchi River for the first short bit, but no point in quibbling.


The south end of Silvester Lake starts with a small bay and there is a bit of current going through the narrows into Silvester Lake proper and then a stronger current again going Silvester Lake - Island Campsitefrom Silvester up into Wolf. Or if you look at it the other way, the Chiniguchi River flows down from Wolf into Silvester and on down to Matagamasi Lake.


There is a really small island on Silvester Lake that gets used as a campsite. The island barely has room for a tent and I wouldn't want to camp there but I'm pretty sure it was occupied as we paddled by. Broken Paddle from Paddle Snapping Swift


The big excitement of the day came as we were paddling up the swift from Silvester Lake into Wolf Lake. It isn't a very long section, but it was enough for Scott to snap the shaft on his paddle. It was a good thing I carry an extra or it would have been a long paddle back home again.


Once on Wolf Lake, we couldn't really spot the first campsite on the eastern shore but we Sunset on Wolf Lakedid find the north-east campsite easily enough. By 5:30pm we were setting up camp. Before starting supper, I took a few minutes to fix up the fire place, but I really should have built it facing the lake to get the breeze. Supper was ready by 7:30pm - chicken pad thai this time for a change from our usual first night routine.


We were cleaned up and ready for an Evening on Wolf Lakeevening paddle by about 8pm. I got some nice pictures of the sun on the eastern cliffs as it was setting. We were back at camp around 9pm and pulled the canoe up for the night. We watched the fire for a bit and then were off to bed by 10:30pm.




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