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Shirley Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2011

Shall Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - White Tailed Deer

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Day 3 - Shirley Lake to Crotch Lake

Morning on Shirley Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkGot up for real about 7:40 AM.  I made sure to use the good wood on fire this morning and had the water boiling and no time.  It is almost 9:00 AM now and we're half packed up to head back to Crotch Lake.

I caught a Lake Trout fairly early on a trip south down Shirley Lake Trout caught on a silver hammered Williams WablerLake.  It was on a silver hammered William's Wabler and it's the only one that I've caught this trip.  Peter caught another Laker on his bottom bouncer rig with the gold hammered Williams Wabler.  That setup is definitely working better than just tying a bell sinker on the line, probably because it keeps the lure about a foot above the bottom.

About halfway down Shirley Lake, we heard a little waterfall along the west Waterfall running into Shirley Lakeshore and pulled in to take a look.  We had to climb back through the trees to find it, but it was a nice little step waterfall not too far up from the lake.

We continued on down Shirley Lake towards the portage and just as we were coming into the bay with the takeout, the water depth dropped to the deepest that I had marked yet at just over 80 feet deep.  No sooner had I mentioned the depth to Peter than he 16 1/2" Lake Trouthooked another fish.  This one turned out to be his largest Laker of the trip at 16 1/2 inches.  It was successfully released like the others to grow bigger for our next visit.

We took three trips to get across the portage again and the bugs were bad enough to force us both into our bug shirts.  The bug shirts can be a tough trade Portage from Shirley Lake to Crotch Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkoff at this time of year because they get pretty hot but especially when carrying the double load of canoe pack and canoe it was worth it not to be getting eaten.  I think we were loaded up and on our way again on Crotch Lake by 12:30 PM.

I trolled on the way down Crotch and but didn't catch anything.  Put in on Crotch LakeWe were looking for bass and pike now and they're a little more sensitive to the time of day than the trout had been in 30 to 80 feet of water.

Peter thinks we made it to our campsite around 1:00 PM, he's probably right.  We checked out a few sites along the way and ended up staying at the southernmost site along the east shore.

MSR Mutha Hubba Tent set up at our campsite on Crotch LakeWe got the tent set up and cleaned up some trash from a previous group, then we both went for a swim.  There are a lot more mosquitoes down here and the flies are really giving Brownie a hard time again today.

Around 3:30 PM we headed out to explore Shall Lake and hopefully catch some fish.  It turned out that Shall Lake averages about 3 feet deep, a really deep spot would be 5 feet deep. We White-tailed Deer - Shall Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkdidn't catch anything but weeds, still it was worth the paddle to explore another lake and we were lucky enough to see a whitetail deer browsing along the hydro corridor on the west shore.  The deer kept an eye on us but he was far enough up the hill not to spook.

We were back at camp by about 5:10 PM and got the fire going to cook supper.  For some reason my spaghetti sauce never rehydrates as well Fishing from our campsite on Crotch Lakeas the chili.  It didn't help that this was the other half of the batch that I had way over dried for my spring fishing trip was Scott.  Peter did some fishing while I got supper ready.  He hooked a small mouth bass on his first cast, but that was it.  So much for giving ourselves a day on Crotch to catch some pike and bass.  Anyway, supper was ready a little after 7:00 PM and the spaghetti was good even if the sauce wasn't.  We both had a S'more for dessert and were washed up before 8:00 PM.Sunset on Crotch Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

Brownie had had enough of the bugs which are coming back out again (they had let up over supper time) so I let her into the tent to get away from them.  It's almost 9:00 PM now.  I'm going to close up the barrel for the night and then it's time for bed.  Peter already headed in to join Brownie about 20 minutes ago.

20 1/2" Smallmouth Bass - Crotch Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkOK, despite the bugs I figured that I needed to try at least a few casts before going to bed.  Three casts was about all I could manage too, but the third one paid off big with a 52 cm smallmouth bass that I forced Peter to come out of the tent and take a picture of for me.  It was hooked hard in the jaw and I had to cut the hook off to get it out.  That probably explains why I was able to land it even after three huge jumps and a real good fight. 



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