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Shirley Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2011

Shall Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - White Tailed Deer

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Shirley Lake

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Day 2 - Shirley Lake to Ryan Lake

Heading south on Shirley LakeBrownie woke up around 4:40 AM.  It was light out and something outside had her attention.  I listened for a minute and couldn't hear anything large.  We had slept with the vestibule open and I couldn't see anything moving around either.  I let Brownie out and I got up to go with her.  We didn't see anything exciting so we both went back to bed.  We got up for real aroundAnother Lake Trout on Shirley Lake 8:00 AM.  I mucked around with some damp wood for the fire so it took an hour to boil the water for our coffee and porridge.  We were washed up from breakfast and on the water by about 10:00 AM.

As we paddled south down Shirley Lake to the portage to Ryan Lake for our day trip, Peter was fishing with his bottom bouncer and a gold hammered Williams Wabler.  Since I had lost my bottom bouncer yesterday, I had a two ounce bell weight tied on Portage from Shirley Lake to Ryan Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkmy line about 6 feet ahead of a silver hammered Williams Wabler. Peter caught two lake trout on our way down Shirley.  They were both about 13 inches long.

The portage to Ryan Lake is listed as 515 meters long.  This portage is actually a lane way for about 2/3 way before it crosses a logging road.  The put in at the Ryan lake end is on a little back bay.  It was pretty buggy along the portage and by the time I Put in on Ryan Lakecaught up to Peter and Brownie at the Ryan Lake end, Peter had his bug shirt (dress?) on.  We were back on the water on Ryan by 11:45 am.

By 12:30 PM we had caught two Splake, been visited by a dragonfly and paddled to the east end of Ryan Lake, which really is a small little lake. We had been thinking about continuing on to Big Red Lake, but there was a log jam at the start of the portage and we were feeling lazy so Start of the portage from Ryan Lake to Big Red Lakeinstead we paddled back to the island campsite so that we could have some breeze while we ate lunch.  Lunch today with pitas with peanut butter, jam and honey.  After lunch we paddled to the west end of Ryan Lake and Peter caught another 14 inch Island Campsite on Ryan Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkSplake along the way.  By 1:45 PM we were heading back to the portage.

Back on Shirley Lake it had gotten a bit windy, nothing too bad but we did have to work a little harder paddling back home to our island campsite. The wind was mostly coming from the west, but since Splake Caught in Ryan LakeShirley runs roughly north-south, the wind isn't nearly as much of a nuisance here as it was on Booth Lake last year.

Peter caught 2 more Lake Trout on the way up Shirley, including one with a fish louse (Salmonicola sp.) attached right by the dorsal fin. TLake Trout with a fish louse (Salmonicola sp.) attachedhis bottom bouncer routine is really working out well. Four Laker's in one day would be good at any time of year, but for July it is way better than I had hoped for.

We were back at camp by 3:30pm and while Peter chopped up some firewood, I laid back on the bench with my life jacket for a pillow and read for a bit. Around 4pm we started the chili soaking for dinner and around 5pm put it on to cook. We were washed up from supper by 6pm and since it was calm out, we headed out to explore the north end of Shirley Lake. The only downside was Sunset on Shirley Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkthat we picked up a load of biting sand flies along the way and they were really giving Brownie a hard time.

By 8pm we were back at camp. We pulled the canoe out for the night and then I let Brownie into the tent to get away from the bugs. She likes to go to bed early on these trips anyway. It's quarter to 9pm now and I just need to brush my teeth before heading to bed.


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