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Shirley Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2011

Shall Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - White Tailed Deer

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Shirley Lake

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Day 1 - Crotch Lake to Shirley Lake

Whitetail Deer - Algonquin Provincial ParkI set the alarm for 6:00am but unfortunately it turned out that it was actually set for 6:00 pm. I finally woke up at 6:40 AM, so we weren't too far behind schedule getting started.  We're just leaving the cottage now at 7:11 AM.  We arrived at the Shall Lake access point by about 9:30 AM.  We saw a white tailed year afterCrotch Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park entering the park and before getting to the access point.  We were loaded up and ready to start on the water just before 10:00 AM.

We got to the portage from Crotch Lake to Shirley Lake about 11:10 AM.  It took us three trips on the portage, I really need to start figuring out what we can leave behind.  I'm not too worried Portage from Crotch Lake to Shirley Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkabout a double portage, but three trips and middle of summer is a bit much.  We're back on the water by 12:30 PM.  We didn't stop for lunch because the horse and your flies are pretty thick, instead we chose to snack as we paddled north up Shirley Lake.

Because Shirley Lake is a trout lake, we switched from our wire leaders and pike lures to bottom bouncers with about 8 pound Sunken log on Shirley Lakemono leaders that were approximately 6 feet long.  Peter used a green and silver Little Cleo lure while I put on a gold hammered Williams Wabler.

Shirley dropped off pretty deep really quickly.  The good news/bad news was that it didn't stop us from getting snagged within a couple 100 m.  It was good news because it meant that we were reaching the bottom even in 50 feet of water.  It was bad Lake Trout, Shirley Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parknews because I lost my bottom bouncer 15 minutes into our trout fishing.  Oh well, as the saying goes "if you're not snagging, you're not fishing."

We continued up Shirley, mostly following the east shoreline and scouting campsites as we went.  Peter caught a 15 inch lake trout along the way which was his first lake trout.  We took a couple of pictures and let it go.  We also caught three clams and two rocksCampsite on Shirley Lake while trolling.  Yes, we actually caught rocks.  OK, Peter's got away before we could get it in the boat but I actually had to unhook mine!  We were at the island a campsite by 2:30 PM.  Given how bright and sunny it is I figured we should go ahead and set up camp and take advantage of the shade for a bit.  We also took time to film a scene for our adventure video. It is 3:30 PM now and we have camp mostly set up. Since this is a big island so firewood does not look like it will be a problem.

Portage from Shirley Lake to Bridle Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkAround 4:00 PM we headed out to fish our way around the island.  We explored the bay to the west of us and found the portage to Bridle lake.  Then we headed around the north end of the island and tried some worms to see if there might be any bass around.  I had a bite, but we didn't catch anything.  By 6:00 PM we were back at camp and starting to cook our baked potatoes, steaks and veggies for supper. Island Campsite on Shirley Lake The rebuilt fireplace is working well and we've cleaned up the bits of food and garbage left behind by the folks before us.  By 7:30 PM we were washed up and Peter was off catching frogs when he saw a nice big snapping turtle in the water.  I took some pictures but I don't know if they will turn out.  Even though the snapper was in shallow, it's still pretty dark in the water.

Some quiet after dinner readingPeter is in the tent reading and so is Brownie.  It's not dark out yet so she might just be escaping the bugs.  There are definitely enough mosquitoes and various biting flies around to be annoying but I've seen MUCH worse before.  It looks like it will be early to bed tonight and hopefully up at a good time tomorrow.



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