18" Lake Trout on Ralph Bice Lake

Ralph Bice Trout Fishing

Algonquin Provincial Park

May 9 - 12, 2013

22" Lake Trout caught on Ralph Bice Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

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Ralph Bice Lake

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Day 4 - Ralph Bice Lake to Magnetawan Lake

IIt snowed!t rained more overnight but by the time we woke up in the morning it was sounding a bit more like snow falling on the tent than rain. We got up just after 8am and I did find a small patch of snow beside the tent. A spring fishing trip never quite feels complete to me without some snow so this was perfect.

Breakfast today was blueberry and apple dumpling. I got the dumpling started while the kids got dressed and started packing up. I had planned on a double batch of the dumpling even though it was just the 4 of us and it was a good thing as it all disappeared.

Packed up on Ralph Bice LakeBy 8:45am the bits of blue sky were giving way to some fairly heavy snow. It couldn't have been too cold as the snow wasn't building up on the ground but it was heavy enought that you couldn't see across the lake.

We had camp pretty much packed up by 10:30am and were ready to start fighting our way upwind. While paddling into the wind is a pain, on a really windy day it is a lot safer than paddling downwind. The waves build up as you head downwind across Looking through the snow towards the portage from Ralph Bice Lake to Daisy Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkopen water, so if you are paddling into the wind you can usually count on the waves not getting worse. Hopefully the waves will even get smaller, although that never seems to happen as soon as I would like.

It was a bit of work paddling as we made our way west along the south shore from point to point towards the portage from Ralph Bice Lake back to Hambone Lake. In fact it was windy enough that we didn't even try to fish which is pretty unusual for us. We Arriving at the portage from Ralph Bice Lake to Hambone Lakemade it to the portage just before noon which was a lot faster than I had expected. The bad news was that my camera died as we got to the portage. It had seemed to be better today so I'm not sure if it was just wet or if the cold finished it off.

We met a couple of Park Wardens on the Hambone Lake side of the portage and they asked to check our permits and my fishing license (the kids are still young enough they don't need a license). The Wardens also asked how our site had been and if Lunch by Hambone Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkthere were any issues with the portages. Overall the portages had been clear, but there was one blowdown on the portage from Ralph Bice to Little Trout Lake that we mentioned and they said that they'd look after it.

We had lunch after carrying everything over to the Hambone Lake end of the portage. We had been hoping that Hambone would be calmer than Ralph Bice Lake had been since it is so much smaller but no such luck. That would have let us get a bit of Portage from Hambone Lake to Magnetawan Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkfishing in rather than wasting the whole day but even from shore it was clear that it wasn't happening. Instead we decided to head straight across to the portage.

We were at the portage from Hambone Lake to Magnetawan Lake by 1:40pm and twenty minutes later had all of our gear across. It was a bit disappointing to look out on an even windier Magnetawan Lake. It wasn't so windy that we couldn't paddle across it but it was certainly windy enough to at least triple the 6 Peter portaging the canoe by himselfminutes that it had taken on the way in.

By 2:30pm we were back at the access point and starting to load up the truck. It was also time for Peter to carry the canoe by himself for the first time. Scott and Madeline helped Peter get the canoe up on his shoulders and then he carried it up from the dock to the truck. Portaging the canoe yourself is a rite of passage Ready to drive home in a snowstormfor canoe trippers and Peter's big smile showed how proud he was to have become the youngest in our family to do it.

The snow picked up again as we finished loading up the truck but the smiles as we took one last picture before starting the drive home proved that neither the weather nor the somewhat slow fishing had been enough to keep us from enjoying the trip.



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