18" Lake Trout on Ralph Bice Lake

Ralph Bice Trout Fishing

Algonquin Provincial Park

May 9 - 12, 2013

22" Lake Trout caught on Ralph Bice Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

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Ralph Bice Lake

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Day 3 - Ralph Bice Lake to Little Trout LakeHeading towards Little Trout Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

We got up about 8:45am today. It had rained pretty hard for most of the night and was still pretty windy. The tarp under the fly had kept the rain out. It had also trapped condensation on the inside but overall we woke up drier than when we went to bed.

Breakfast today was bacon, bagels and oatmeal again along with coffee and hot chocolate. The wind is around from the west today which is a pain since it is blowing the smoke from the fire back at us.

Landing for the portage from Ralph Bice Lake to Little Trout LakeGiven how cold everyone got yesterday, I didn't rush to set out today. The wind was a bit strong too so we took time to cut a bunch of firewood. The rain had mostly stopped by the time we got up and the sky is getting a bit brighter.

It is noon now and the wind has let up a fair bit too (for now?) We talked it over and agreed to head over to Little Trout Lake. We'll check out the portage to Queer Lake too but probably just fish around Little Trout and then come back.

Red trillium along the portage trailWe trolled down to the portage to Little Trout Lake. We didn't catch anything but we did lose a couple of lures.

We got to the portage about 1:30pm and carried our stuff over before having lunch. It's amazing that there are plants flowering already given how long winter hung on for up here.

We were back on the water on Little Trout Lake about 2:30pm and decided to troll clockwise around the lake. Little Trout Lake is pretty sheltered and had a bunch of seagulls nesting on little Nesting Herring Gull (Larus argentatus)rocky islands. I'm not sure how well the pictures will turn out since my camera is fogging up inside today. I think I might have finally let it get too wet. Fortunately my older camera stayed drier yesterday and is OK.

We stopped for a break at the campsite to the east of the portage to Queer Lake. Scott had had a bite but that was the only signs of fish so far. After stretching our legs and having a snack, we thought about at least checking out the portage from Little Trout Campsite on Little Trout Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkLake to Queer Lake but it was already 4pm so we decided to just head on back. The creek running between Little Trout Lake and Queer Lake looked like it could be a promising spot for Brook Trout but we'll have to check that out on another trip.

Madeline did manage to hook a fish as we were trolling back up Little Trout Lake, but for once we didn't land it. Oh well. We were back at the portage to Ralph Bice Lake by 4:45pm and on Ralph Bice by 5:30pm.

Landing a Lake Trout on Ralph Bice Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkKnowing how deep Ralph Bice Lake was, Madeline and I put on bottom bouncers to troll back to camp but it was Scott who actually caught something. A nice 17 3/4" Lake Trout on his favourite X-Rap Rapala (that was the same pattern that I caught my first Muskie on last year). All Mads and I managed to do was to snag and lose another lure. :-(

We came back along the south side of the eastern island on the final stretch back to camp and Scott hooked another fish. This 22" Lake Trout caught on Ralph Bice Lakeone was a 22" Lake Trout which beats the biggest Laker I have ever caught. Peter did a great job helping with the net, complaining the whole time that it wasn't fair since he hasn't caught anything yet!

Back at camp the sun was even breaking through the clouds and the wind died down to make it a really nice evening. The Cooking supper at our campsite on Ralph Bice Lakespaghetti turned out really well, the fire is burning nicely, the sunset is beautiful and the mergansers are courting in the bay in front of our campsite.There was lots of laughing as the kids cooked S'Mores and it has been a great end to a day that started off still wet, windy and cold.


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