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Ragged Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

September 3 - 6, 2010

Ragged Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - Smallmouth Bass

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Ragged Lake

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Day 2

Parkside Bay

Tarps set up at our campsite on Ragged LakeWe slept in until 10am. It had been raining earlier and it was still windy so there was no rush to get up. Madeline got the fire ready to light while I got dressed. (That almost counts as getting spoiled.) Once I was up, I figured we should get the tarps up before we started the fire. It was really windy anyway and we were expecting a lot more rain. By the time we had the tarps set up and the fire going it was close to 11:30am before we were eating our oatmeal for breakfast. Since it was still pretty windy, we took our time and had some more hot chocolate and coffee after breakfast.

Tent set up at our campsite on Ragged LakeMadeline was actually in more of a rush to get out fishing than I was. When we finally headed out, we headed east along the north shore of Parkside Bay hoping we could find a sheltered spot in one of the inlets along that north shore. The fishing started out well with me catching a nice small mouth on a Perch Rapala while drifting along and getting my other rod set up for a worm. After that the wind and rain picked up again so we headed back towards camp. Of course as we got close to camp it had lightened up a bit. The wind was more from the south now so we Smallmouth Bass on a Perch Countdown Rapalaheaded toward the south shore to try our luck. We did find more shelter along the south shore and we were able to cast a bit, but nothing was biting so eventually we headed in for lunch. (Yes I know that the fishing is usually slow in the early afternoon, but slow fishing is still better than working!)

Lunch was pita's with PB & J again, but since we had the fire going we toasted them in the frying pan - Yummy!

While we were stopped for lunch, I changed the line on one of Madeline's rods and on one of my rods. The new line was Berkley Trilene 8lb XT for her and 6lb XT for me.

Smallmouth Bass, Parkside Bay, Algonquin Provincial Park We finally decided that it was time for some more fishing and before I could even get down to the lake Madeline was calling that she had a fish. Another nice small mouth bass, this one caught on a worm. Once we were out in the canoe we headed east again and drifted over a shoal that was about 6' deep. Madeline promptly pulled in another smallmouth bass on her worm. That was about 5pm and it was the last fish of the day. We fished for another 45 minutes or so before heading in to cook supper.

Supper tonight was corn chowder with dumplings and we had too much but it was good. Tomorrow we are planning on heading over to Big Porcupine Lake, but if the weather is too nasty we might stay closer to home again.


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