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Ragged Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

September 3 - 6, 2010

Ragged Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - Smallmouth Bass

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Ragged Lake Canoe TripOur trip to Ragged Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park was another 4 day trip that I made with my daughter Madeline over the Labour Day weekend. This was my third long weekend trip of the year with the previous two trips being a spring trout fishing trip with my older son Scott to Pen Lake and a July fishing and exploring trip to Ragged Lake to Smoke Lake Portage SignBooth Lake with my younger son Peter. Madeline had patiently waited her turn and we were excited to be headed out for some father-daughter bonding. This would be the first trip to Smoke Lake and Ragged Lake for both of us which made it a new adventure. Of course, if we happened to catch a few fish along the way, well then that would be a fine way to finish up our summer.

Ragged Lake Algonquin Provincial Park Mapis located one portage south of Smoke Lake right off the Highway 60 corridor in the heart of Algonquin.The access road toSmoke Lake itself is directly across the highway from the road heading north to Canoe Lake and The Portage Store. In addition the outfitter, Canoe Lake also has a permit office and is a very popular access point for starting canoe trips. Smoke Lake might be a little bit quieter as an access point than Canoe Lake is, but not by much. In fact if you are renting canoes at The Portage Store, then it's only a 355m portage from Canoe Lake to Smoke Lake.

You'll notice the blue arrow in the map to the left. I added that little pointer because the location of the big red diamond "6" for the Smoke Lake access point is a little misleading. If you don't know better, then on the map it looks like the access point is somewhere on the east shore of Ragged Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park - Ontario MapSmoke Lake, probably at the south end of that 1755m portage. Unfortunately this is one of those cases where looks can be deceiving. Access Point 6 for Smoke Lake is actually along the northwest shore of Smoke Lake with a nice big parking lot, docks and a boat launch. The road down to the parking lot from the highway probably isn't any more than 50m long.

Coming from the west, it's only about a 40 minute drive from Huntsville across Highway 60 to Smoke Lake. You'll need to take a short detour up to Canoe Lake to pick up your camping permit. Once you have your permit, it's only about a 1 minute drive (if that) back down from Canoe Lake and across the highway to the Smoke Lake parking lot.


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