Algonquin Provincial Park - Lake Travers - Campsite

Petawawa River

Lake Travers to Lake McManus

June 17 - 20, 2005

Algonquin Provincial Park - Sand Lake Gate

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Petawawa River

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The Petawawa River was a new adventure for us. This interior canoe trip was planned as a 4 day excursion on the lower portion of the Petawawa River through Algonquin Provincial Park from Lake Travers down to Lake McManus. Since it was a Petawawa River access through the Sand Lake Gate near the town of Petawawaone-way river trip the logistics were more complicated than a loop would have been. However, the bigger challenge for this trip is that the Petawawa is a classic Ontario whitewater river.

To access the lower portion of the Petawawa you enter the park from the east side through the Sand Lake Gate. The pavement runs out before you get to the park, but the gravel road might actually be in better condition than the pavement.

After picking up your permit at the park gate, you have about a 15 minute drive to Petawawa River Canoe Trip Route - Lake Travers to Lake McManus Lake McManus where you can drop a vehicle in the parking lot for the takeout. From Lake McManus you have about another hour to get up to Lake Travers for the put in.

We made this a 4 day trip since it was our first time down this route, but I've talked to folks who know the route and run it as a comfortable 3 day trip or an ambitious weekend.



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