Algonquin Provincial Park - Lake Travers - Campsite

Petawawa River

Lake Travers to Lake McManus

June 17 - 20, 2005

Algonquin Provincial Park - Sand Lake Gate

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Petawawa River

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Lessons Learned

  1. Just because you have the allen keys that came with the roof rack doesn't mean you have all the allen keys you need for the roof rack. This lesson probably applies to other tools I haven't realized I'm missing yet.
  2. Get the gear better sorted out ahead of time. We had lots of time for this trip, so it wasn't a big deal but it did take extra time to move gear between vehicles when we dropped the car off at the takeout on Lake McManus and we could at least have sorted that out earlier in the day.
  3. Be prepared. Leaving the extra backpack in the truck for the ride up was a good thing. In the end it 'made the cut' and got used for the trip. Now if we can just figure out what happened to the blue SealLine pack ...
  4. If the canoe is not 100% out of the water then make sure it is tied up. Even if it is 100% out of the water, it might still be a good idea to tie it up.
  5. Life jackets are a good idea even for dogs, especially if they want to swim the rapids. A helmet would be good too, but I haven't seen a dog helmet yet. Unfortunately Brownie lost her lifejacket later that summer on the portage back to Kioshkokwi from Mink.
  6. Slow down and take more pictures. As I was writing up this trip report I found that I hadn't taken any pictures from The Natch until we got to McManus. That was an awfully big section of the trip not to have any pictures from.


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