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Petawawa River

Lake Travers to Lake McManus

June 17 - 20, 2005

Algonquin Provincial Park - Sand Lake Gate

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Day 4 - Lake McManus to Home

Campsite on Lake McManus - Algonquin Proviincial ParkWell Monday morning started off a little more relaxed and very misty. We all got packed up and we had a gourmet apple dumpling for breakfast. This is one of the variations of the Fruit Dumpling recipe in "The Wilderness Cookbook - A Guide to Good Food on the Trail" and it has never failed to get rave reviews.

The paddle down the length of Lake McManus was very scenic, with the mist burning off as we went.

The pace changed once we got to the take out and realized that we still had a 2 hour roundPetawawa River - End of the Trail - (c) D. Carson trip shuttle to pick up the trucks from the put-in and try to get the canoes back to Algonquin Portage outfitters by noon. In the end we made, at least within a few minutes of noon.

After that there was nothing left but the long ride home. It was about 7 hours total from the outfitters to Waterloo, including the stop to pick up the poor, forgotten, neglected, blue SealLine pack. Now if I could just recall who it was that had forgotten that pack in the first place, hmmm ...


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