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August 26 - 28, 2014

Morning on Norway Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

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Day 2 - Muriel Lake to Norway Lake


Packed up on Muriel Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkWoke up about 7:30am, no alarm or anything! Of course we didn't get up then, rather we dozed for another 45 minutes or so before getting up. Today is an easy day since we are just going back through O.S.A Lake and Killarney Lake to get to Norway Lake.


Breakfast was coffee or hot chocolate with Oatmeal-To-Go and Nutrigrain bars. We were packed up, the fire doused and ready to start paddling by 9:48am. That might actually be a new record for us.


Nearing the portage from Muriel Lake to O.S.A. LakeIt only took 15 minutes or so to get back to the portage to Muriel, including a short chat with the other group that had camped on Muriel last night. Twenty minutes after that we had completed our first trip over the portage and Mads was taking pictures of Killarney Lake while I went back for the canoes. My legs were also letting me know what they thought of doing a portage at that time of day and that maybe I should think about starting to get to the gym again!


O.S.A. Lake


Ontario Society of Artists LakeThe 2nd trip felt a bit better and by 10:55am we were setting out on O.S.A. Lake. The good news was that it was a bit calmer than yesterday but it was also overcast again as Madeline's power to make it rain on a canoe trips seemed to be trumping the forecast of "mostly sunny".


We meandered our way east through the islands on O.S.A. Lake. Most of the islands showed signs of a forest fire.


Trapper's Cabin, O.S.A. LakeJust after 11:30am we stopped at the eastern island with the remains of a log cabin and took a few pictures. This had been a trapper's cabin once owned by Andy Tyson.


By 11:49am we had finished crossing O.S.A. Lake and were getting ready to portage back to Killarney Lake. We did our usual 1 1/2 trips on the portage with Mads going back for the 2nd pack this time while I waited at the Killarney Lake end with Trigger.


Killarney Lake


Killarney LakeWe took our time paddling north-east along the north-west shor of Killarney Lake. There was a slight tailwind helping us along and only one more portage to do.


Just before 1pm we passed the portage that goes from Killarney Lake to Three Narrows Lake. Not long after that, Killarney Lake starts to narrow down and you pass a couple of large islands. As we were coming up to the Portage from Killarney Lake to Three Narrows Lakelast and largest island, I saw a bear cub run across an open spot on the north shore. We drifted in to see if we could get a picture or two and eventually saw the mother and 2 cubs crossing the marsh towards the island. However they were far enough away that even with the 35X zoom on my Canon SX30IS camera I'll be surprised if I got a good picture.


Not wanting to disturb the bears, we headed back out and around the south side of the island only to spot a Momma bear with 3 cubs on the island itself. We drifted around taking pictures while Momma settled down for a nap. Within a few minutes all 3 cubs had settled down with her.


Eventually we continued on and were at the start of the 1,390m portage from Killarney Lake to Norway Lake by 2:15pm. The map also shows a 2nd take out a lot closer Norway Creekto Norway for this portage so we decided to see how far we could get through the marsh.


We did pretty well with a short unload and carry around a fairly large beaver dam and I would say that in the end we probably skipped a bit more than half the portage.


Norway Lake


Campsite on Norway LakeBy 3:30pm we were on Norway Lake and then took an hour to check out the 3 sites before settling on site 13 right across from the portage back to Killarney Lake. Of course that was the 1st site we had checked.


Dinner tonight was corn chowder which worked out really well. Trigger once again helped us by cleaning up the left overs. It's almost 8pm now which is close to sunset at this time of year so it's time to go pack up for the night.


Sunset on Norway Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkTomorrow we have a choice of taking the 1,470m portage to Kakakise Lake for our hike up to The Crack and then a 1,975 back to Freeland Lake or we can go back to Killarney Lake and walk a 1,440m portage as part of our hike to The Crack but only have to portage another 455m back to Freeland Lake.




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