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August 26 - 28, 2014

Morning on Norway Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

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Day 1 - Grundy Lake Provincial Park to Muriel Lake


Turning off Hwy 69 onto Hwy 637Woke up at 6:30am and even stayed awake long enough to turn the alarm off and reset it for a slightly more reasonable time. Not that any time is really reasonable for an alarm a week into your vacation but Madeline hadn't been on a canoe trip yet this summer and really wanted to go to Killarney Provincial Park with me, so here we were camped at Grundy Lake Provincial Park and waking up with the alarm to head off to Killarney.


George Lake Campground, Killarney Provincial ParkWe were packed up, showered and turning out of Grundy by 8:30am. It's just over an hour drive from Grundy Lake Provincial Park to the George Lake campground and access point in Killarney Provincial Park. While we had talked about a canoe trip on and off over the summer, we only got around to booking it last week. By going in on a Tuesday we were able to book a night on Muriel Lake and a night on Norway Lake with plans to hike up to The Crack on Thursday.


George Lake

George Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkBy 10:28am we had checked in, got the refund on the minimum deposit for a reservation (1 adult and 1 youth for 2 nights interior is less than the minimum deposit), loaded up the canoe and were paddling up George Lake.


You can't really see much of George Lake from the 1st beach at the campground but you don't have to paddle too far before it starts to open up. We had a gentle tailwind heading east on George Lake and by 11:05am we were waiting our turn at the short 80m portage to Freeland Nearing the portage from George Lake to Freeland LakeLake.


For this really short portage, Madeline carried the canoe pack and I carried the barrel, then we carried the canoe between us with Madeline holding Trigger's leash and we did it in a single carry (well, with one rest for the canoe in the middle). We were over the portage in a whopping 7 minutes and on to Freeland Lake.


Freeland Lake

Freeland Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkFreeland is a short, narrow lake that only took us 20 minutes to paddle the length of. From Freeland Lake we portaged up the 455m portage to Killarney Lake. We did this portage in about 1 1/2 trips with Mads carrying the canoe pack & barrel on separate trips while I took the day packe and the canoe on a single trip. It wasn't quite noon by the time we had completed the portage and were sitting down having a snack/lunch before heading out on Killarney Lake.

On most trips we don't even get to our first portage until well after noon!


Killarney Lake


Killarney Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkThe sun started to come out as we wove our way north and then west on Killarney Lake. Having the sun shine on the white quartzite rock of the Blue Ridge certainly helped to brighten up the day.


Around 12:50pm, as we were approaching the portage from Killarney Lake to Ontario Society of Artists (O.S.A.) Lake, we saw a black bear poking around on the north shore. I got a couple of pictures of him or her checking us out and then the bear meandered off in to the bush and we continued on to the portage. Black Bear, Killarney Provincial Park

Knowing that there was a bear nearby and with no one else around like there had been back at the last portage, we took the packs and the barrel across first. Then Mads & Trigger stayed with the packs while I went back for the canoe. As it was, we didn't see the bear again and by about 1:15pm we were heading out into the wind on O.S.A Lake.


O.S.A. Lake


O.S.A. Lake or Ontario Society of Artists Lake to give it's full name was one place in Killarney that I specifically wanted to see. O.S.A. Lake, Killarney Provincial ParkThis is the lake that Killareny Provincial Park was originally created to protect and as such it is sort of the heart of the park. I can now say for myself that it is a beautiful lake and well worth the trip.


O.S.A. LakeOf course with the sun coming out and heating up the land, the wind coming in off of Georgian Bay, which had given us a nice tail wind on George Lake in the morning, was now a little stronger as we paddled west across O.S.A Lake and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get to the portage to Muriel Lake.


The portage going from O.S.A. Lake to Muriel Lake is one of those relatively easy but slightly frustrating ones where you can see Muriel Lake within about 300m of the start of the portage but you still have another 300m to go before you get to a point where you can put the canoe back in the water.


Muriel LakePortage from O.S.A. Lake to Muriel Lake


Muriel Lake only has 2 campsites. The eastern one has a beautiful rock point that looks straight west down the lake and will see a glorious sunset tonight. Of course that site was taken. The second site doesn't have nearly the same view but it does have a big pile of firewood waiting for us and our choice of nice tent sites.


By 5pm we were at our site, had the tent set up, the fire going and supper cooking. Dinner tonight Campsite on Muriel Lakewas rehydrated chili with squished cheese buns. Trigger helped us finish off the chili and by 6pm we were heating the water for the dishes.

Muriel Lake Sunset

It's not quite 7:30pm now. The dishes are done and I'm thinking that it is going to be an early night.




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