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Muriel Lake - Classic Killarney

Killarney Provincial Park

August 26 - 28, 2014

Morning on Norway Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

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This trip had been on my list of possibilities but in the end it was a last minute plan. Madeline had been playing field hockey all summer including a trip to the U16 National Championships and winning gold at the Ontario Summer Games. It was only near the end of August that she had a break and we were able to think about doing another father-daughter canoe trip. Muriel Lake Canoe Trip Route Map


I had only done the one trip to Killarney before which was a fall trip into Bell Lake and a hike up to Silver Peak with some friends. Madeline had done an 8 day canoe trip in Killarney with Girl Guides the year before, but she lost her glasses in Great Mountain Lake on the second day of that trip and hadn't really seen much after that. (Although somehow she still did a lot of the navigating??)


The goal for this trip was to make it in to Ontario Society of Artists or O.S.A. Lake and also to make the hike up to The Crack. O.S.A. Lake is pretty much the heart of Killarney Provincial Park. This is the lake that artist A.Y. Jackson cared so much about that he petitioned the provincial government to protect the area from logging and ultimately to create Killarney Provincial Park in 1964.


Killarney is notoriously popular and busy, especially during the summer months. However, by planning our trip for the middle of the week and being a bit flexible on our route we were able to book sites on Muriel Lake for a Tuesday night and Norway Lake for the Wednesday night. Starting and ending at the George Lake access point, the route meant we did a bit of backtracking but it did let us see O.S.A. Lake and get in the hike to The Crack. Ontario Map - Killarney Provincial Park


The camping trip was also stretched out with a stay at Grundy Lake Provincial Park the night before and at Samuel deChamplain Provincial Park the night after. I've used Grundy as a pre-trip camping spot a few times. Depending on where we are coming from, it can make for an easier start on the first day of the canoe trip.


After turning off Hwy 400/Hwy 69 it's about 35 minutes down Hwy 637 to the George Lake access point, which is also the main campground in Killarney Provincial Park.




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