Algonquin Canoe Trip - Lower Petawawa River - Algonquin Provincial Park

McManus Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

August 3 - 6, 2012

McManus Lake Canoe Trip - Algonquin Provincial Park - Loon Island Outdoors

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Walleye - Algonquin Provincial ParkI had a great trip on the lower section of the Petawawa River from Lake Travers to Lake McManus a few years ago. The focus of that trip was trying out our whitewater skills and I would love to do that whole section again. The only downside of that trip was that I didn't get any time to fish along the way. (Which proves that I don't really have to fish on every trip.) Since that section of the Petawawa River is one of the few places where Walleye (aka Pickerel) are resident in Algonquin, I had been itching to get back there to try my luck.


Stop the Invasion SignIn addition to my wanting to see if I could catch my 2nd Walleye ever, Peter has been wanting to catch a Muskie for a few years. Seeing as I still haven't managed to help him catch a pike even after trips to Booth Lake and Crotch Lake in the last couple of years, trying to catch a Muskie was going to be a challenge. The good news was that this lower section of the Petawawa was also Lower Petawawa River - Algonquin Provincial Park Mapreported to hold Muskellunge. That didn't mean I actually expected to catch one but at least we had a chance.


Since we were focusing on the fishing for this trip, we started from Access Point 21 - McManus Lake and worked our way upstream from there. Even in the spring when the water is high, it is still a reasonably easy paddle up through Smith Lake to Whitson Lake. By early August the bigger question was whether we would still be able to wade up the swifts between the lakes or if we would actually be forced to portage.


To get to McManus Lake you come into Algonquin Provincial Park through the Sand Lake Gate which is on Baron Canyon Lower Petawawa River - Ontario MapRoad. The nearest town on that side of the park is Petawawa. While I really love the scenery along the Petawawa River, it's about a 7 hour drive for us to get over there, which makes it a stretch even for a 4 day weekend.


Now, while the following pages tell you what actually happened on this trip, no good fishing trip is complete without a fish story to go along with it. So here is the "fish tale". You might notice that some of the insignificant little details, such as who caught what fish, don't quite agree between the video and the trip report. ;-)



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