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August 4 - 8, 2008

Celebrating a successful canoe trip on Lake Temagami - Loon Island Outdoors

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Day 5 - Memory Isle to Cottage

Whitecaps rolling down from the north on Lake TemagamiWe woke up to a drizzly rain, which meant that it had officially rained every day of the trip. Rain isn't the end of the world, but it would have been nice to have at least one hot, sunny day. Today was also looking to be a windy one. From our site you could see out into the more open part of the lake and the whitecaps rolling by. We're only about 3-4 hours of paddling from the access point, so there isn't any rush to get going until the wind dies down.

Breakfast today is Apple Dumpling which is one of our all time favourites. It comes from "The Wilderness Cookbook" and I think I make it on every single trip. Not only that, but everyone who has had the dumpling requests it again for the next trip.

Waiting out the wind by Narrow Island on Lake TemagamiBy 11:30am we were packed up and ready to start paddling. The main part of the lake still looking pretty rough, but we were sheltered enough that we could get across to Narrow Island without getting out into any big waves. The idea was that if we paddled down the western shore of Narrow Island then we could sneak around the south end of the island and start island hopping our way east and around the end of Temagami Island.

Getting around the south end of Narrow Island worked fine, but the lake hadn't really calmed down enough for us to go any further yet. After leaving Narrow Island we would need to cross at least 1km of open water before we would get any shelter from the wind and waves coming down from the north.

A big part of safe canoe tripping is the decisions you make before you leave shore. This was one of those times and while we were all ready to get moving, it would have been a bad idea. Instead we sat back, had a snack and waited it out. We were in a safe spot and if we had to, we could always head back to Memory Isle for another night. It took a full 2 hours for the Island hopping to stay out of the windwhitecaps to subside and it was 2:30pm by the time the waves had calmed enough for us to carry on.

Once we made it across the first big stretch of open water, it was easy island hopping from there on around the south end of Temagami Island. We were even able to start trolling again and Peter caught a nice 15" Smallmouth Bass as we were passing Camp Wabikon.

It was around about there that we also met a couple of canoes that had just started out from the Central Lake Temagami Access Point and were heading Almost back to the public docks at the Central Lake Temagami Access Pointsouth. It turned out these guys had gotten started off even more off course than we had. They were looking for Bear Island and were headed completely the wrong way around Temagami Island. They didn't quite believe us at first but Camp Wabikon made a nice big landmark to help out. We shared our own story of having ended up on the wrong side of Bear Island ourselves and then paddled on feeling a bit better about our navigation.

We made it back to the public docks at the Central Lake Celebrating a successful canoe trip on Lake TemagamiTemagami Access Point around 4:30pm. Despite the rain, the wrong turns, the lost knife and not being able to complete our original route this had been a good trip. The kids had fun, we got a better idea of what we could accomplish with the kids at this age and we had some great family time. I'm sure we'll be back some day to complete the full loop through Diamond, Wakamika and Obabika and hopefully we'll plan on an extra day to help keep it relaxing.



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