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August 4 - 8, 2008

Celebrating a successful canoe trip on Lake Temagami - Loon Island Outdoors

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Day 4 - Buggy Birch Bay to Memory Isle

Burned tree from a forest fire over 35 years agoWe woke up about 8am today. Breakfast was Rice Pudding, which I'm pretty sure was another recipe from the Wanapitei Canoe Trippers Cookbook. The pudding was really good but it would have been better if we had doubled it for the 5 of us. Madeline also requested that we make it without the rice next time. :-)

According to "The Adventure Map" that we were using, there had been a forest fire in this area back in 1972. You didn't have to wander far back from the campsite to find signs of the fire including some big charred trees that were dead but still standing. I am a little surprised that there are burned trees still standing over 35 years later.

Paddling south on Lake TemagamiWe were packed up and on our way about 10:50am today, which was a whole hour earlier than yesterday. Since we weren't really headed anywhere in particular now, I didn't feel too bad about the lazy start. We stayed along the western shore as we paddled on south, catching the occassional smallmouth bass along the way and stopping after an hour or so for a snack and a pee break. The "go to" lures were turning out to be any Rapala style lure with blue on it. Stopping for a snack on our canoe trip

Our lunch stop was down at Sand Point which has a nice beach on both the north and south sides of the point. The site itself had tables and even a real toilet seat on the Thunderbox. Scott took time for a swim and I have to admit the water did look pretty inviting. Brownie also found a chipmunk to chase while the rest of us skipped stones.

We carried on south still following along the western shore. Enjoying a swim at Sand Point, Lake TemagamiContinuing the theme of raining every day, a thunderstorm blew in around mid afternoon near a couple of campsites that are straight west of Bear Island. Brownie found a toad to torment while we were waiting and eventually the storm blew over and we were able to continue on our way.

Along this next stretch there are some pretty steep cliffs with fallen rock along the water's edge. Wendy saw some nests that looked like they could be Peregrine Falcons, which would have been really cool to see. I was paying more attention to the water. Peter, Madeline and I were trolling along about 8' out from shore and the water between us and shore was maybe 4' Lake Temagami Canoe Tripdeep while the fishfinder on the other side of the canoe was reading 80' deep. Whoever had their line out on the cliff side was catching Smallmouth Bass regularly while I was getting nothing off the other side of the canoe.

We did stop to check out the campsite west of Wingfoot Island, but it wasn't too impressive so we kept paddling. We ended up staying at the site just northwest of Narrows Island. This site had already been named and their was a sign that said "Memory Isle July 25/08". The note on the back sounded like it had been a romantic getaway.

Cooking supper at Memory Isle campsite on Lake TemagamiThere was another small burst of rain as we were getting camp set up and it was cool watching it move across the lake. The rain was followed by a Bald Eagle which was definitely a highlight of the trip.

While supper was cooking we had a bit of time for some fishing. I pulled in a couple of Smallmouth and Peter caught some more Smallmouth and Crappie, but it was Madeline's turn to catch the biggest fish of the day which was a 14" Smallmouth.

Dinner tonight was Corn Chowder which I really like but it was met with mixed reviews from the kids. Madeline suggested leaving the celery out next time while Peter stuck to a "no thank you" helping. This recipe came out of "The Wilderness Cookbook" which also has a good chili recipe in it.

Evening at Memory Isle, Lake TemagamiAfter supper, Scott and I went back out in the canoe to see if we could catch a walleye. There was a bay that cut back north just to the west of our campsite. I'd never done any walleye fishing before, but from the instructions I had it looked like the right sort of place to be trying. Alas our only catch was a Rock Bass and we came back in disappointed.

Once again everyone was in bed by 9:30pm.



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