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August 4 - 8, 2008

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Day 2 - Poo Point to Sweet Water Bay

We woke up about 7am, which is remarkably early for me, and got started packing up. The kids had started out the night sleeping in their own tent but by morning both Mads and Peter had joined us in our tent because they were afraid of a bear. Despite the state of the campsite, we had not been visited by a bear in the night, but the kids had worried about it Setting off from Poo Point on Lake Temagamijust the same. To prove the real canoeists don't sleep in so late, we saw a flotilla of 11 canoes paddle past us.

We were packed up and on our way at 9:15am. The plan was to head around the north end of Temagami Island and then stay to the north of Bear Island until we could head up the North Arm of Lake Temagami. What actually happened was that I learned (once again) that on a big unfamiliar lake you can't just glance at the map, pick out a couple of landmarks and hope to stay on course. Especially not on the first day when you haven't yet gotten a feel for the scale of the map. It wasn't a disaster or anything, we just ended up paddling around the south end of Bear Smallmouth Bass caught just off of Bear Island in Lake TemagamiIsland instead of staying on the north side. The base maps on my Garmin Etrex GPS were just detailed enough to have Bear Island labeled, which let me confirm where we were, although as kept on paddling around the island we did also pass the store with a big sign on it that also told us where we were. I figure it cost us an extra hours worth of paddling and from then on I made sure I had the compass out and referenced it regularly. On the plus side, Peter and I both caught some Smallmouth Bass on our detour, although Scott only pulled in a couple of sticks.

Well, by the time we figured out we were going around the wrong side of Bear Island it was Long Island, Lake Temagamishorter to just keep on going so we kept on paddling and eventually headed up the west side of the island towards the North Arm. We made it up to Long Island just north-east of the Canadian Adventure Camp by lunch time. Up until now we had bright sunny weather, but we could see rain coming in from the west which included a thunder storm. In fact, the first time we tried to set out, the thunder & lightening picked up again and we had wait it out a bit longer. In the end, between lunch and the thunder storm it was an hour and a half before we were on our way again. Between our detour and waiting out the thunderstorm we were probably 2 hours behind where we were hoping to be by now.

Stopped for lunch on Long Island, Lake Temagami, OntarioAfter lunch we continued paddling north, sticking fairly close to the western shore. The rain kept on throughout the afternoon, including sporadic thunder that was just far enough away to let us keep going but just close enough to make me slightly nervous. The lake narrows down to about 500m wide at Sealrock Point and we crossed back over the eastern shore at that point rather than heading out across the open water at the mouth of Devil Bay. By now we were also starting to look for a campsite and stopped to check out the site at Devil Point. This is a big open, fairly flat site that would probably be great for a group of 20. It was a bit too big and open for us though and we did still have lots of time left in the day so we continued on towards the Devil Mountain site. That took us past Camp Keewaydin which is located on Devil Island and has been operating there since 1904. Sweet Water Bay campsite across from Devil Mountain, Lake Temagami

The site at Devil Mountain was occupied but one of the sites just across from there was open and it had one of the best set up fireplaces I've come across. We got camp set up and supper cooking, then we realized that Scott had lost his belt pouch including his Swiss Army knife. The pouch snapped over the belt and somewhere along the line the snaps must have come undone. Of course we have no idea where it got lost.

Cooking Supper at our Sweet Water Bay campsite on Lake TemagamiAfter supper we did some more fishing from shore. There was a nice drop off and the bass were pretty active. Scott broke his stick curse and pulled in a Smallmouth. Mads also caught a Smallmouth, which was an improvement over catching Scott in the arm the night before. Peter had the catch of the day, reeling in an 18", 2lb Smallmouth Bass on a Berkely Gulp black leech. That's big enough to count as a trophy sized fish for Ontario under the OFAH Ontario Angler Awards. I was Hitting the hay early on our Temagami canoe tripsure that I had a picture of it too, but I can't find it now (but Wendy had the size written down in her notes, so it's legit!).

Scott named our campsite tonight and called it Sweet Water Bay because he said the water was sweet. It's always interesting how each lake has it's own taste to the water - usually in a good way. Overall it had been a good day even with a few mishaps. Finally getting into the trip was letting us relax and start to enjoy it. It had also tired us out and we all hit the hay before 9pm.


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