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Exploring Lake Temagami

August 4 - 8, 2008

Celebrating a successful canoe trip on Lake Temagami - Loon Island Outdoors

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Day 1 - Cottage to Lake Temagami

We started out from the cottage, which probably doesn't save any time compared to starting from home when you come right down to it. Since I was in vacation mode already, we didn't get up too early and it was after 9:30am before we were on the road. We had to make a quick stop for worms, but then headed up toward Bancroft. Since it was the middle of summer, we thought we would be better off avoiding Highway 60 and the drive through Algonquin so we chose to detour around the south end of the park via Hwy 118 to Carnarvon (another stop, for gas this time) and then up Hwy 35 to get onto Hwy 60 on the west side of Algonquin. At the Central Lake Temagami Access PointIt turned out with summer cottage traffic and construction we were worse off than if we had taken Hwy 60 through the park. We had only made it to Dorset by lunch time and then we had to make one more stop for some last minute items ( I can't remember what now) at the Canadian Tire in Huntsville. It was actually 4:30pm by the time we got to Finlayson Point Provincial Park just south of the town of Temagami to pick up our permit. Our planned route would take us through the south end of Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park which is now an operating park that requires camping permits.

Loading up the canoe at the Central Lake Temagami Access PointIt was after 5pm by the time we were at the put-in at the end of the Central Lake Temagami Access Road and I wasn't sure we really wanted to be starting out on the water that late in the day. However, as Wendy pointed out there were a couple of campsites that you can literally see from the docks, so we loaded up the canoes and off we went.

We headed north from the docks and were lucky enough to find the site on Temagami Island across from Matagami Point open. We also found out why it was open. I'd heard stories before about campsites littered with toilet paper and human waste, but this was the first time I had encountered it. Needless to say, this wasn't the introduction to Temagami that I was expecting. However, given that it was already late in the day, we made the best of it. A stick and a fire took care of a lot of the toilet paper. The feces weren't as easy to deal with and the worst part of that was Trigger, our 5 month old Lab-X puppy tried to clean it up the only way he knew how - by eating it. Not pretty, and it didn't stay down long.

On a more positive note, Madeline said that the site had a nice water view and there were a couple of good spots to set up the tents. We also had a nice sunset and the kids got to spend some quiet time fishing after supper. Supper was "Orienteering Chicken" from the Wanapitei "Canoe Trippers' Cookbook". The dogs had packed their own food, but Trigger rounded out his meal with a leftover lobster shell that he found. Still not a good example of leaving a clean Fishing on Lake Temagamicampsite, but we definitely got more of a laugh out of the lobster tail than we had from the other 'leftovers'.

I should also note that being so close to the public docks at the end of the Central Lake Temagami Access Road, this is a pretty high traffic area. In fact, throughout the trip I learned that Lake Temagami itself is a lot more populated than I had naively expected.



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