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Exploring Lake Temagami

August 4 - 8, 2008

Celebrating a successful canoe trip on Lake Temagami - Loon Island Outdoors

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Lake Temagami - Ontario MapLake Temagami is a huge lake all on it's own stretching almost 50 kilometres from north to south. The lake also stretches almost 35 kilometres from it's western-most point to it's eastern edge but at times it narrows down to as little as 500 meters wide. Our trip started from the Central Lake Temagami Access Road which heads west off of Highway 11 about an hour north of North Bay and about 10 minutes south of the town of Temagami.

We had started planning this trip a couple of years earlier, but hadn't been able to fit it in to our schedule until now. This trip was going to be both a bigger challenge for us and the kids now that they were a bit older and also a bit of a memorial for my Father-in-law. Wayne had really loved Temagami and had canoed the Temagami - Diamond - Wakimika - Obabika loop several times. I remember him telling stories about this route including hitchhiking up from Toronto when he was a Boy Scout. Of course you won't see any Scouts hitchhiking now, but when he was a teenager that had been part of the adventure.

Exploring Lake Temagami - Map of our planned and actual routesOur plan was to follow that same Temagami - Diamond - Wakimika - Obabika loop ourselves. This was my first trip to Temagami but Wendy had done the route as a teenager with her parents and her sister, so she had a pretty good idea what it would be like. I was a little leary about trying to do the loop in 5 days as I wasn't sure the kids would be moving quite that fast. Or perhaps I should say that I had no illusions as to how much power I would get from my 7 and 9 year old helpers and I wasn't sure I could paddle fast enough to do the loop in 5 days.

As it turned out, we had a couple of complications on the first day that led to us to do some backtracking on day 2. Once we had to backtrack, there was no question of trying to complete the full loop so we altered our plans and spent our time exploring Lake Temagami. It was still a great trip for the kids and it got me familiar with 2 legs of the loop we had been planning on doing.

For reference while we were planning the trip we used both the original MNR "Temagami Canoe Routes" guide which was written by Hap Wilson and also Hap's updated "Canoeing, Kayaking & Hiking Temagami".


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