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Joe Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

August 9 - 12, 2011

Tom Thompson Memorial - Canoe Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park

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Joe Lake

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Day 2 - Joe Lake to Teepee Lake

Planning the dayWe had a big rainstorm last night. The Rain Goddess is continuing to work her magic and it poured for a good hour or more complete with thunder and lightning. I had to get up and tighten the fliy because it had been drooping against the tent and starting to seep water through. With the straps on the fly tightened and a couple of guy lines added we were dry for the rest of the night. Trolling down Joe Lake

With the good excuse of being kept awake for a good part of the night, we slept in until almost 9:30am. Of course the Rain Goddess had slept through the storm, only waking up briefly when I went out to tighten the fly but that didn't stop her getting almost 12 hours sleep.

It's 10:24am now and we're eating our gourmet fruit dumpling for breakfast. It's pear and blueberry this time.

Camp ArrowhonWe finally left camp around 11:30am and headed west down Joe Lake trolling our bottom bouncers and Williams Wablers. No luck fishing down Joe Lake which took us about half an hour. We switched to Rapala's as we headed north through the narrows to Teepee Lake. Teepee Lake is pretty much dominated by Camp Arrowhon which takes up most of the west shore. We didn't fish too hard through Teepee Lake as we headed straight north across the lake to the Little Oxtongue River.

Little Oxtongue River to Little Doe Lake

Storm clouds on the wayBy 12:30 pm, we were stopped at a campsite at the mouth of the Little Oxtongue River for a snack. From there we could hear the lunch bell at the camp loud and clear along with the ensuing yelling that followed. (I'm not sure, but from the sound it could well have been a fight over who got to lynch the cook.)

Paddling up the Little Oxtongue River in the rainThe paddle up the Little Oxtongue River was easier than I had thought it might be. The river is fairly wide without much current and there was lots of water to paddle through. We made it up to Little Doe Lake by 1:30 pm where Madeline finally caught our first (and as it turned out our only) 16" Smallmouth Bass - Little Doe Lakefish of the day, which was a 16" Smallmouth Bass that weighed in just under 2 1/2 lbs. By that time we were almost at the creek that runs into Little Doe from Tom Thomson Lake. Just after letting the fish go, Madeline spotted some ducklings along the shore that we believe were Wood Duck ducklings. I needed to get my wife to ID them for me after we were home.


Tom Thomson Lake

Beaver Dam between Little Doe Lake and Tom Thomson LakeHeading north from Little Doe Lake up the creek to Tom Thomson Lake, we had to lift over a beaver dam. Again, this creek was much wider than I had thought it might be from the map and it was an easy paddle.

We stopped at a campsite on Tom Thomson Lake to eat lunch shortly after 2pm. We took our time with lunch and weren't back Tom Thomson Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkon the water until quarter to 3pm. By this time, the traditional Algonquin west wind had picked up and the lake was a bit choppy but I figured that now that we were here we should at least try a bit of trout fishing, so we trolled our bottom bouncers out around the island before turning and heading back to the outlet of the lake.


Tom Thomson Lake to Joe Lake

Heading back to campThe paddle back to camp was fairly quiet. It was a bit of work paddling west into the wind back through Little Doe Lake and down the Little Oxtongue River but not too bad. By 4:45pm we were back at the south end of Teepee Lake and the hard part (of an easy day) was over. Once we were back on Joe Lake and headed east, we just drifted along with the wind at our backs and trolling our bottom bouncers. Unfortunately we still had no luck with the trout which was disappointing after how well the technique had worked for Peter and I on Shirley Lake back in July.


Anyway, we were back at camp by 5:30pm and cooked up our spaghetti for dinner. It's 9pm now and time to get everything packed up for the night.


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