Frontenac Provincial Park Sign

Frontenac Provincial Park

Big Salmon Lake, Little Salmon Lake & Little Clear Lake

July 27 - 29, 2004

Ontario Provincial Park Camping Permit

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Frontenac Provincial Park

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Trip Preparation

As I mentioned, part of this trip was just proving to ourselves that we could make it work with the kids. So we did an ORCA Flatwater course in June, mostly as a refresher and because we wanted to start working toward some instructor and trip leader certifications (still have a ways to go there). We also booked the Frontenac trip for the week after our whitewater course at MKC.

Practicing for the canoe tripIn addition, we made a point of getting everyone out in the canoe more regularly and practiced dumping the canoe at the cottage. Our 8 year could get back in the flooded canoe on his own and on this relatively calm day was able to control the canoe paddling solo.

The day before the trip, we packed everything up, loaded the canoe with all the gear, the 2 adults, 3 kids and the dog and went for a paddle. When we paddled over the the neighbours, Ken came on down and commented (before he could see in the canoe) "You wouldn't want to add the gear to that now would you". Once they realized that the canoe was already loaded, they agreed that it was looking pretty good.


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