Frontenac Provincial Park Sign

Frontenac Provincial Park

Big Salmon Lake, Little Salmon Lake & Little Clear Lake

July 27 - 29, 2004

Ontario Provincial Park Camping Permit

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Frontenac Provincial Park

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Map to Frontenac Provincial Park

Frontenac Provincial Park is located about 30 to 40 minutes north of Kingston in an area known as the Land O' Lakes. Calling an area of the Canadian Shield the Land O' Lakes may sound like hyperbole since the Canadian Shield is known for the large number of lakes. However, in this area the label is appropriate, the map literally showed more water than land.

There are no straight roads to Frontenac because you have to weave your way between all the lakes to get there.This was a 3 day trip planned to introduce the kids to canoe trips and to prove to ourselves that we could do it. The kids were already used to boats and canoes but this was going to be their first camping experience.Frontenac Provincial Park Canoe Route MapOur route started at the put-in on Big Salmon Lake and we spent the first night on Little Salmon Lake. On the second day we moved camp to Little Clear Lake and then on the third day we came back out through Big Salmon Lake.









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