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French River Delta

French River Provincial Park

June 13 - 16, 2009

French River Provincial Park - Loon Island Outdoors

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French River Delta

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Day 3 - The Elbow to Bass Lake

Moon reflecting on the French RiverWell, I don't think we stayed up quite as late last night as we had the night before, but we still didn't get out on the water until after noon. Since we hadn't managed to do the loop around French River Island yesterday, we figured we might as well at least do another piece of it today by heading south down the Eastern Outlet to Bass Lake. Portage from Bass Lake to Georgian Bay, French River Provincial Park

It was another beautiful day and we took our time with a lazy paddle. While this channel meanders a bit, the biggest navigational choice was really just which side of an island to fish along. Unfortunately it didn't really seem to matter which side I picked, the fish still weren't biting. Portage Sign - Bass Lake - French River Provincial Park

It can't have taken more than an hour to get from our campsite down to the 240m portage at the south end of Bass Lake. The portage itself is actually a wooden boardwalk with a nice floating dock at the Georgian Bay end. There are a couple of old fashioned cottages set up on the rocks near the Bass Lake end of the portage and as the sign says, you're asked to respect the private property. Looking out to Georgian Bay

Once again, we were feeling too lazy to actually carry the boats across the portage. We were, however, quite ready to walk down and enjoy the sun on the rocks looking out into Georgian Bay. In fact the weather was so nice that the guys couldn't resist a quick swim, even though the water was still cool enough Splash!to keep it fairly short. It wasn't "walk on water" cold, but still cold enough to make it a quick dip.

That was the extent of our adventures for the day. We had managed to travel farther today than we had yesterday but it was still pretty lazy. One of these days I'm going to have go back again and actually make a full loop around not just French River Island but also around King's Island. To be honest, we've been a bit leary about getting out into the open waters of Georgian Bay, but mostly we've just been too lazy to paddle that far.


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