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Booth Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2010

Booth Lake Canoe Trip - Loon Island Outdoors

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Booth Lake

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Day 3

Booth Lake to Opeongo River

Water Lilly - Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park Well our plans for today were a bit more ambitious so we made sure that we got an early start and left the campsite by 10:26am! We then had a very windy paddle up Booth Lake and finally stopped for a rest break in the marsh across from the Tattler Lake cabin. While we were resting I took some pictures and a video that gives an idea of just how windy it was, even up here where we're already around the first bend and the lake is starting to narrow down as you approach the river.

A quick note on the geography and names. Before the trip, I had thought that Tattler Lake was actually the pond showing a little southwest of Booth Lake under the label of Tattler Lake on the map. It has since been pointed out to me that Tattler Lake is actually the bulge in the Opeongo River before it rounds the bend and opens out into Booth Lake. This means that in contrast to the Kitty Lake cabin which is really still on Farm Lake, the Tattler Lake cabin really is Tattler Lake.

Even with our rest break across from the Tattler Lake cabin we still made it to the first portage on the Opeongo River by 12:24pm, which was a good time for some lunch. We fished a bit while we ate and caught some more rock bass and a smallmouth. After lunch we paddled and waded up the river past the first portage. This was an easier walk than the shorter section by Kitty Lake had been.

Upstream a bit, we found a quiet pool and fished a bit more. I caught some moreOpeongo River, Algonquin Provincial Park rock bass but Peter kept losing his. I finally checked his hook and found out that it was really dull, even worse than that needle I had to use the other night to sew up my shorts. Come to think of it, maybe I could have straightened out a fish hook to use as a needle if Beaver Lodge - Opeongo River, Algonquin Provincial ParkI had to.

Anyway, about 2:30pm we started drifting back down the river again. We stopped at the bottom of the portage again to get out and pee and to catch a couple more Rock Bass. We also took time to enjoy the scenery as we drifted along, include a well maintained beaver lodge and some of the birds that were out enjoying the weather. After that we stopped at the Tattler Lake cabin and took a few pictures. We also stopped at the Tattler River campsite to take pictures. That site wasn't too impressive. Then we drifted and sort of fished back down Booth Lake.Tattler Lake Cabin - Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park I say 'sort of' because we kind of followed the shoreline, except when we needed to head out a bit to make sure we missed the next point and we didn't get hung up about drifting over 100' or more deep water. Given that we were trolling a couple of Rapala's, we weren't likely to catch anything in that deep of water.

We started to really fish around the little island, but it got really shallow so after I got myself un-snagged we turned and just headed back to camp. Along the way we drifted over a large section that was only 5' - 8' deep but still no fish. Drifting down Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

We were back at camp around 5pm and had supper ready by 6:30pm. It's 8:30pm now and the wind is finaly starting to die down for the firstCooking over the campfire time since yesterday morning. We've already pulled the canoe up for the night or I might be tempted to try a little more fishing behind the big eastern island. Then again just because the whitecaps are gone it doesn't mean there isn't still a breeze.

Since we had joked about having to pack our toothbrushes whether we were going to use them or not, Peter thought it would be a good idea to take a picture so that we Brushing our teethcould prove we actually did use them. (at least once)


9:15pm - The lake is almost calm now and the smoke is actually blowing out over the lake.



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