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Booth Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2010

Booth Lake Canoe Trip - Loon Island Outdoors

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Booth Lake

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Day 2

Exploring Booth Lake

Well we finally got up about 20 after 9am when Peter and I realized that we were both waiting for the other one to wake up. Peter got the fire going andwe boiled the water for our oatmeal - 2 packages each. I had a cup of coffee with a dash of Bailey's and Peter had some peach juice. We topped it off with a few apple slices. (Gee that almost sounds like a healthy Booth Lake Campsite, Algonquin Provincial Parkbreakfast, I wonder who planned that?)

By the time we had boiled up some water and done the dishes it was probably close to 11am before we got going. Today's plan was explore the bays along the south shore looking for some smallmouth bass and northern pike. We paddled around the western big island first. No luck fishing, which wasn't too surprising at that time of day. We did, however, see a big pike swim under us. Oh well.

We stopped for lunch around 12:30pm. Our standard lunch for this trip is pitas with Lunch on Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkpeanut butter and jam plus whatever GORP, licorice or sour keys might be handy.

After lunch we paddled back east, still checking out the bay behind the eastern big island. Back there was a lot calmer and the campsites on the back of that island looked nice. If we come back this way again, I'd probably try to get one of those sites.

About quarter to 3pm we finally caught a few smallmouth and a couple of rock bass. None of them were very big so Peter and I were joking that everyone back at the cottage was probably catching bigger fish than us. By 3:30pm we could tell that the lake was getting windy so we figured we should head back across to our campsite. Peter was paddling hard for me, but he's soFishing for Bass on Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park light that the canoe insisted on weathervaning on me, so we were getting blown east as we worked our way across to the north shore. Once we were in close enough to the shore to get a break from the wind, I pushed all the weight that we had in day packs forward and got the canoe turned west. With the day packs forward and me kneeling just behind the rear thwart we were able to fight our way upwind, along the shore and back to the campsite. It was around then that I was thinking how much pictures of canoe trips tend to lie because, of course, you don't have time to take pictures when it's this much work to fight the wind.

Anyway, we were back at camp just after 4pm. We got the fire going for fun and started soaking the chili. We had our chili Sunset on Booth Lake, Algonquin Provincial Parkand pizza buns for supper and were washed up by 6:30pm. Unfortunately the wind really didn't die down this evening. Around 8pm we went to see if we could fish from a point just a little east of our site, but it turned out to really just be a couple of big rocks and there was nowhere to fish from. So we paddled back home and pretty much settled in for the night.

The plan for tomorrow is to head up to the west end near the Tattler Lake cabin (I think) and see if we can find some better fishing up there.


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