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Booth Lake Canoe Trip

Algonquin Provincial Park

July 1 - 4, 2010

Booth Lake Canoe Trip - Loon Island Outdoors

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Booth Lake Map - Algonquin Provincial ParkThis was a 4 day trip that I took with my younger son, Peter, over the July long weekend in 2010. We were looking for a few things on this trip, with the first and most important being to just have a good time while we explored a new area that neither of us had been to before. While we were at it, we were also looking to catch a few fish, in particular we wanted to find some Northern Pike since we don't have any Pike in our lake back at the cottage.

You can come at Booth Lake from a couple of different directions. One option would be to start from Annie's Bay on Lake Opeongo and travel down the Opeongo River to Booth Lake. Our route had Shall Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park - Ontario Mapus starting from the Shall Lake access point (Access Point 17) and travelling up through Farm Lake and Kitty Lake to get to Booth Lake. It is important to note that the Shall Lake access point is no longer located on Shall Lake. I'm not sure when it moved, but it's now located on Farm Lake. I really don't know why the name wasn't changed to the "Farm Lake Access Point", but I'm sure there were good intentions at the time. Technically the Shall Lake access point is accessed from Highway 60, but since the road to the Shall Lake access point head's north from Highway 60 in the town of Madawaska, about 30km east of Algonquin Provincial Park's East Gate, it really isn't a Highway 60 corridor access point. The 25km drive up a mostly gravel road to the Shall Lake access point office, also helps to differentiate it from a "typical" Hwy 60 access point.

The Ontario road map, at least the 2003 version that I'm still using, isn't exactly accurate when showing where the Shall Lake access road connects to Hwy 60. In fact the map shows the Shall Lake road coming out west of the town of Madawaska and east of the junction with 523. In reality the Shall Lake road and the 523 are directly across from each other right in the middle of the town of Madawaska. Now in you might be wondering why I'm spending time on this little detail. After all, a park like Algonquin Provincial Parks would certainly have a sign on Hwy 60 to point visitors in the right direction, wouldn't it? Nope. At least not this year. If you are looking for a landmark, then the good news is that this is the same corner that Algonquin Bound Outfitters is located on. The further Shall Lake Sign - Algonquin Provincial Parkgood news is that you don't have to travel too far up the Shall Lake road (which if I recall correctly is actually called Major Lake Road) before you do see one of those nice 'provincial park brown' signs showing the distance to Shall Lake.



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