Killarney Provincial Park Sign - Bell Lake Access Road

Bell Lake Canoe Trip

Killarney Provincial Park

September 22 - 25, 2011

Bell Lake Canoe Trip - Killarney Provincial Park - Loon Island Outdoors

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Day 4

Going Home

Foggy Morning - Three Mile Lake - Killarney Provincial ParkWe got up around 9am and there was a heavy fog on the lake that lasted through breakfast. Breakfast coffee and fruit dumpling. Looks like I need to make a double batch the next time this group is together. By 11am we were packing up and we were on the water about noon.


One of the nice things about camping on what is essentially an access lake was that we didn't have to rush on our way out. We Wild Cranberriestook our time fishing, taking pictures and even finding some wild cranberries (which we didn't pick) on our way back through Three Mile Lake and Bell Lake. Alas, the fishing continued to be a bit underwhelming and I didn't catch anything. On the other hand, on a beautiful day like this does it really matter if the fish are biting?


View of Silver Peak from Bell LakeWe were back at the take out between 2 - 2:30pm and were loaded up and leaving Bell Lake about 3pm. The road out of Bell Lake is quite twisty with a fair bit of washboard so it takes about 20 minutes to drive out the 9km.


Since this was my first time in to Killarney, I wanted to drive on down into Killarney to check out the town and the faBack at the Bell Lake Access Point, Killarney Provincial Parkmous Herbert's fish & chips. According to many sources, Herbert's just might make the best fish & chips in Herbert's Fish & Chips, Killarney, Ontariothe world. Scott & Gerald were willing to go along, so off we went. The drive into the town of Killarney from the Bell Lake access road is about 20 minutes long and you know what? The fish & chips are REALLY good! (Although at $14.99 each they were a little pricey).


We left the town of Killarney at about 20 to 5pm and after dropping the guys at their places, I was back home around 11pm.


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