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Bell Lake Canoe Trip

Killarney Provincial Park

September 22 - 25, 2011

Bell Lake Canoe Trip - Killarney Provincial Park - Loon Island Outdoors

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Day 2

Rest & Recover on Three Mile Lake

A really small Northern PikeAfter the big day on Thursday, Friday was planned as mostly a rest day. It probably sounds funny to hear me talking about a rest day on day 2 of a whopping 4 day trip, but believe me we weren't complaining. Following that theme (the "rest day" one), there was no rush getting up and I slept until almost 10am. It had rained in the morning and every time I started thinking it might be time to get up, the rain would pick up again and I'd roll back over and snooze a bit longer.


Rainy day in Killarney Provincial ParkWhen we finally did get up, breakfast was oatmeal and coffee. By the time we finished that it was around noon and our buddy Mike had caught up to us. Mike hadn't been able to come up Wednesday night so he was joining us this morning for the rest of the weekend.


We spent the afternoon the afternoon fishing around the top end of Three Mile Lake. Given the time we finally got out on the water,15" Smallmouth Bass it wasn't suprising that the fishing was pretty slow. I only caught a couple of smallmouth bass and a really small pike. At least one of the smallmouth bass was a decent size at 15".


Now I know that I'm not the most lightweight packer when it comes to canoe trips, and I'm OK with that. I still think I can cut down a bit but it had poured pretty good in the afternoon while I was out fishing and the guys had the tarps up by the time I came Bye Bye Bassin. It's always nice to see that extra gear getting used when I bring it along.


Dinner was pretty much steak. Mike had brought them up with him (sometimes it pays to have someone come along late!) They were massive T-bones and in the end we skipped the baked potatoes and veggies that had been planned to go along with them.



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