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Rock Lake to Pen Lake

May 2-5, 2009

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Algonquin Canoe Trip 2009

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Well, usually I'm the one who writes up these trip reports, but this year my daughter decided that it was her turn to write one. For the last 4 years now we've been doing a 'parent-kid' fishing trip to Pen Lake either the first or second week of trout season. This was Madeline's second year on the trip with me.

1st Day

Moose at the Rock Lake road along Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial ParkOn the way up we saw a moose. It was very hairy. Later on when we started, it was very windy. We started on Rock Lake. Behind an island we decided to push on to the portage. At the portage we had lunch. Soon it started raining. Campsite on Pen Lake, Algonquin Provincial ParkIt finished raining, so we started out again on Pen Lake. When we got to the ''camp site area'' we started looking for empty campsites. In the end we found a campsite. It was small and the lid was gone on the thunder box but it worked.



2nd Day

Stopped at the portage from Pen Lake to Welcome LakeWe woke up to a breakfast of bacon and eggs. It was almost lunch time when we got out on the water again. First we went to a good spot to fish at a portage. Madeline with her first Speckled Trout (Brook Trout) Rob caught 1 speckled trout and 1 sucker. After awhile we went to another portage to fish. There we caught 2 specks and 2 suckers. After awhile we went went back to the campsite for lunch.




3rd Day

Waterfall on the Galipo riverToday we started out the same as yesterday. But today Scott got a hit from a sucker and Rob caught a speckled trout. At the second stop Rob caught 4 speckled trout and 1 sucker. Scott's rod broke in 2 pieces.Fishing in Algonquin, before the rod broke Other people we were camping with caught 3-4 fish. One was stuffed with water.






4th Day

Madeline's 17 1/2" Algonquin Lake TroutWhen we woke up we had a quick breakfast of oatmeal then left. I carried the orange pack and cooler across the portage. Scott and I both caught lake trout. Scott's 19" Algonquin Lake TroutWe saw 2 moose on the way back.






Algonquin Moose along Highway 60Moose in Algonquin Provincial ParkMoose by Highway 60

Moose Video


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