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Folks usually have their preferred way to catch trout, and the methods quite possibly depend on the species of trout that you are after and the time of year you are fishing. Most of the trout fishing that we do is in Algonquin Provincial Park and the surrounding area. While we spend a bit of time each summer chasing Splake in the deeper water at the cottage, our favourite time to fish for trout is early May, just after ice out. At that point, the lakes are still cold and both the Lake Trout and Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) will be foraging in relatively shallow water.

Favourite Trout Lures - EGB Spoons

EGB Spoons

These are my all time favourite Algonquin trout lures. My favourite pattern is on the left but I've either caught, or seen my buddies catch fish on each of these patterns. For Algonquin the small or medium sizes seem to work best.



Favourite Trout Lures - EGB Spinners

EGB Spinners

After last year, that middle one just might be my favourite Lake Trout lure. It seems that most Lake Trout are barely hooked, usually on or near the lip. The fish that hit this lure had it half way down his throat.




Trout Lures - Rapalas


I find that Rapalas are just a good all purpose searching lure. When fishing a new lake, especially if you don't have a fishfinder along, having a lure that runs at a consistent depth and that floats up when you stop paddling tends to avoid a lot of frustration. Add in the fact that most fish seem to be willing to hit them and I'll always have a few in my tackle box. My favourite pattern is the perch.




Brook Trout Lures - Blue Fox - Minnow Head Spinners

Minnow Head Spinners

I have friends who love using spinners when fishing pools and rivers for Brook Trout. Personally I've lost more Mepps than I've ever caught fish. Now in that case I think it's more a matter of technique or touch than the lures. Regardless, I have had some success with the newer minnow head spinners. These run really shallow and the fish seem to like the flash of the spinner combined with the fishy head. I know the middle lure in this picture is a Blue Fox, not sure about the others.



Trout Lures - Red Devil, Fire Tiger, and Toronto Maple Leafs Spoons

Red Devil, Fire Tiger, & Toronto Maple Leafs

Ok, before you ask, no I have not caught anything with that Toronto Maple Leaf spoon. Then again, I haven't really used it that much. After all if the fish are hitting on the EGB's why change? On the other hand I've had some good success with the Red Devil. I like the Fire Tiger too, but it tends to get used more for pike than trout.


Trout Lures - Little Cleo Spoons

Little Cleo Spoons

I have caught trout with a Little Cleo, but I've lost more of these lures than I've caught trout with them. On the other hand, one of my friends uses these as his 'go to' lure and I've seen him pull in some nice Lakers. The most success I have with them is when we're fishing deeper in the summer using the Dipsy Divers to get down to the colder water.



Trout Lures - Moose Looks Wobblers

Moose Looks Wobblers

I haven't caught a trout on one of these yet, but again I don't fish them enough. The guy who suggested them to me has one that he uses when the fishing is getting desperate. They seem to run pretty shallow, so they'd probably be a good choice to tie on after I lose the next Little Cleo. I like the shape and movement of them, so I really should give them a more serious chance to pay off.




Algonquin Trout Lures - Williams Wablers

Williams Wablers

Williams Wablers are a classic Algonquin trout lure, I've just never had any luck with them. I like the colours and the flash, I know other folks who have caught fish with them, and every once in a while I'll give them another try, but so far they haven't paid off.

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