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If case you aren't familiar with it, GORP is the standard canoe tripping snack. Technically GORP stands for "Good Old Raisins & Peanuts", which make a decent snack in themselves (at least if you don't have a peanut allergy), but I've come up with my own variation that goes well beyond just raisins & peanuts.



For two people:

Loon Island GORP2 bags Bits & Bites - I prefer BBQ flavour myself, but Original will do.

2 medium sized bags of M&M's I recommend the peanut ones, but the chocolate is the important part.

500g (approx.) Trail Mix - I like to go heavy on the dried fruits relative to the nuts and sunflower seeds, but it's your choice.


Mixing at Home

It isn't GORP unless it mix it all together.1. You could just open up the bag of Bits & Bites and dump the M&M's and Trail Mix in the bag, but for the best blend we dump everything in to a bowl, stir it together and then load it back into the Bits & Bites bag.

The fact that the Bits & Bites bags are fairly touch and have a resealable 'ziploc' style closure makes them great for the trip.

2. Packing a separate bag per person is a good idea to help out with hygiene on the trip. It's bad enough using your own grubby hands to snack with, sharing the GORP bag is a good way to share anything someone might pick up.

As a bonus, having your own personal bag of GORP means less complaints about high-grading (picking out the good stuff first).


Preparing at Camp

Yeah, there isn't really any prep needed, just open the bag and gorge away. Try not to eat it all on the first day, and remember that you probably did actually pack lunch too.

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