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Portaging the Canoe - A Rite of Passage - Algonquin Provincial Park

The Canoe Tripping section of Loon Island Outdoors is where we talk about the planning, skills and equipment that work together to make for a safe and fun canoe trip. If you are looking for information on specific canoe routes, then you'll find more of what you want in the Canoe Trip Reports section. I expect the content in this section to grow and maybe evolve a bit as I add information. The section has been growing faster than I thought it might and I already have information:


Canoe Trip Planning

The starting point for this section is some general guidance on things to consider when planning your canoe trip. Now dedicated (addicted?) canoeists can spend whole winters planning trips so there will obviously be more to say about canoe trip planning, but this page will get you off to a good start.


Campfire Cooking

I expect this section will eventually break out into campfires and cooking sections, but since we do as much of our cooking as we can over the campfire I'm starting off with campfires and cooking grouped together. The key to cooking over the campfire starts with setting up a good fireplace.


Canoe Packs

You don't need a dedicated canoe pack but they sure are nice to have. Over time I expect to fill out this section with more packing details including dry bags and stuff sacks but I've started out by discussing the most common types of packs used for canoe tripping.



It's a good thing that Canoeists don't tend to be too fashion conscious, because that helps me fit right in. :-) I'm sure this section will expand to cover clothing as a more general topic, but for now I have focused on footwear for the simple reason that it seems to be the single most popular clothing topic.


Sleeping Bags & Mattresses

No matter how tough the portage was, how strong the wind was, how thick the bugs were or just how heavy the rain was, knowing that you can look forward to a warm, dry and comfortable night's sleep makes any trip a whole lot better. While you usually have to count on your tent (or hammock) to take care of the dry part, picking the right sleeping bag and sleeping pad is pretty darn important too.


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