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The Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni

by R.M. Patterson

The Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni is the book that introduced the Nahanni River to the world. In the 1920's R.M. Patterson made 2 trips up the Nahanni River starting from Fort Simpson and working his way up the Liard River to get to the mouth of the Nahanni River and then upstream from there. The first trip was a summer scouting trip which he followed up a year later with a fur trapping partner to overwinter.

Today I doubt that anyone seriously tries to canoe up the Nahanni River, rather they fly in, usually to either Rabbit Kettle Lake or Moose Ponds and then paddle down the river from there.

This is a well written book that I'm thinking it's time for me to read again. It is a true tale of adventure, that many of us who love spending time in the outdoors can fully relate to.


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