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Deep Waters

by James Raffan

James Raffan is one of Canada's best known canoeing authors and historians. In Deep Waters James Raffan takes a close look at the circumstances leading up to the Lake Temiskaming tragedy where 12 kids and 1 leader died. James does a good job of presenting the facts and letting the reader reach their own conclusions. He looks in detail at the training the kids had, the safety plan that was in place, and the equipment that was used along with the route, weather conditions and key choices made at the time.

This tragedy has had a significant impact on rules, regulations and best practices for planning and leading group canoe trips. Reading this book will give you a lot of insight into why organized camps and youth groups today have found it necessary to develop rigid structures governing canoeing.

I recommend this book to anyone who will be leading group canoe trips for kids or adults. This book gives you a lot to think about and by considering the questions you will become better prepared as a trip leader.


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