Algonquin Canoe Trip

Algonquin Spring Fishing

Rock Lake, Pen Lake, Clydegale Lake, Welcome Lake, Harry Lake

May 9 - 13, 2005

Algonquin Portage Sign

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Algonquin Spring Fishing 2005

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Algonquin Trout - 2 Brook Trout and a Lake Trout

I was first invited along on this trip 4 years ago now. The memories of paddling in that first day are still pretty strong. The fact that it was a blizzard and that we were paddling upwind into 2' waves on Rock Lake might have something to do with that. Not knowing where my father-in-law or brother-in-law were for about 4 hours may also have had an impact (they were a little smarter than the rest of us and they had gone back in to Whitney to get a hot meal and then came on out later in the day when the weather cleared up). The 3 1/2lb Lake Trout that I caught later that week may also have something to do with it.

I've joined the Algonquin Provincial Park - Rock Lake Access Roadannual pilgrimage every year since.

This is a base camp trip that we do the 1st or 2nd week of trout season each year. We go in at the Rock Lake access point and then set up camp on Pen Lake for the week. From there we do day trips. Trolling up and down Pen Lake itself takes up pretty much a whole day, so we'll do a day of Lake Trout fishing there. We'll take usually take a day and portage up to Welcome for the Specks, sometimes getting as far as Harry and Rence lakes Algonquin Provincial Park map of Rock Lake, Pen Lake, Clydegale Lake, Welcome Lake, Harry Lake, and Rence Lakebefore heading back. We'll fish across Clydegale and if the wind is bad head up the South Madawaska to get out of the wind and catch some sun.

This year the weather was a little different. For one thing the weather was warm. For another the wind was at our backs all the way down Rock Lake to the portage to Pen. Amazingly it kept at our backs and let us coast down Pen Lake as well. To top things off, the wind was in our favour on the way out 6 days later. I guess that may be one of the secrets to easy canoe tripping - if you go enough times the weather has to cooperate sooner or later.



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