Algonquin Canoe Trip

Algonquin Spring Fishing

Rock Lake, Pen Lake, Clydegale Lake, Welcome Lake, Harry Lake

May 9 - 13, 2005

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Algonquin Spring Fishing 2005

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Trip Preparation

You would think that after making the same pilgrimage for 3 straight years that there wouldn't be much to do in order to get ready for the trip this year. Well that is a nice thought, but somehow I manage to make it a month long exercise to gather up all the gear. Now the fact that the snow is still melting and I'm suffering all the symptoms of canoe withdrawal that a long winter will cause may be one reason why I manage to drag out the whole preparation routine.

Regardless there are always last years lost lures to replace, new lures to add (since someone said they worked and you don't have any yet, so just in case, ...). Definitely time to replace the line on the reels - I tried Stren line this year. So far the first impression is that the 10lb twists a lot when trolling, but on the plus side it did not pick up anywhere near the same # of nicks that the stuff I used last year did.

The bigger challenge this year was to replace my 15 year old rain pants. The old ones were Eddie Bauer ones with a breathable fabric that wasn't quite 'just as good as gortex'. I'd found that gortex pants were more breathable and I went looking for a pair this year. For some bizarre reason the only gortex rain pants I could find this year had full length zippers down the legs. Now that might be a good idea when you are hiking and need to vent the heat, but when you are going to be kneeling in a canoe, which will inevitably have water in it at some point, then you don't want zippers in your rain pants. So I ended up with a pair of North Face pants with the Hyvent lining made by Torvay. So far they seem breathable enough, but the fabric is a lot lighter and I've already had to patch one rip from catching them on a nail up at the Lodge.

Other than that the prep was pretty straightforward. I've slowly been adding poly shirts to the wardrobe and taking more fleece instead of cotton and flannel. One thing that I do consciously try to do for this trip is take enough clothes for a complete change with the only exception being my outer coat. Since we go in for the 1st or 2nd week of May, the water is still very cold. While I never plan on dumping, I figure some day I will need that full change of clothes to get dry and more importantly warm.



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