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Portaging the Canoe - A Rite of Passage - Algonquin Provincial Park

Loon Island Outdoors promotes outdoor recreation including canoe tripping and fishing along with everything that goes into a great adventure.


Here are a few of things that I hope our work on Loon Island Outdoors can accomplish:

  1. Make canoe tripping and backcountry camping more accessible by showing how to get out there and have a great time.
  2. Give folks a place to start when they want to plan their own trips.
  3. Share our experiences and adventures. We'll share the good things and also the lessons that we've learned - sometimes the hard way.
  4. Demonstrate safe and responsible canoeing skills including things like wearing PFD's.
  5. Model good camping practices that respect park rules and take into consideration Leave No Trace guidelines.
  6. Help to document the value of our protected wilderness areas including provincial and national parks.
  7. Promote the continued and even increased protection of our natural heritage.


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