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Welcome to Loon Island Outdoors. I realized recently that it's been about 10 years since I started writing the trip reports and other pages for this site. I've had a lot of good feedback over the years and I think Loon Island Outdoors has succeeded in becoming "one more place to go on the web to daydream about things you would rather do than have to work for a living".

Over the years, the canoe trip reports have clearly become the heart of the site. The trip reports are intended to share the joy of adventure, the beauty of the natural world, and hopefully provide enough information to help you choose and plan your own trips. Check out the newest reports from our interior canoe trips to Wolf Lake on the Chiniguchi River in the southern part of Temagami from July 2014.

My trips have also turned out to more wrapped around fishing than I had ever expected. While fishing certainly isn't the only reason why we go canoeing, most of our trips are planned around the fishing opportunities. Given how popular the fishing section of our website is, it looks like we're not the only folks who think canoeing and fishing go well together. In fact, our first trip of the year is usually timed to take advantage of the shallow spring trout. Over the years we have put together a list of our favourite trout lures. Later on in the summer, large mouth and small mouth bass are popular targets which eventually led me to put together a list of our favourite bass lures as well.

The one section of the site that hasn't grown as much as I thought it would is the Boatworks section. I have really enjoyed building a variety of boats including a Chestnut Prospector, an Endeavour Sea Kayak and One-Sheet Skiff, but with a busy job and growing family I haven't gotten around to building any new boats lately. I even had to give up on my old Lakefield molded plywood runabout this last year. Nonetheless, the collection of pictures that we put together while building the Endeavour Sea Kayak continues to be one of most complete sets of woodstrip kayak construction pictures out there.

Now that you are here, go ahead and take a look around. If you are shopping for outdoors gear or books, then take some time to check out the Loon Island Outdoors Store. The store is powered by Amazon so you can shop with confidence. With a little luck you might find something to help you plan your own outdoor adventure.

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